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Apr 10, 2009

Destroy Debt-good or bad

For Me Destroy Debt is a legitimate site and very honest with its users.A site which pays you, is definitely a good site because legitimate sites are very few and count it among one of them.Reason...my payment proof attached below..

Destroy Debt Affiliate Program

At Destroy Debt, our primary goal is to provide you with the advice to get out of debt, but we also want to reward participation by providing a little extra cash to help you get out of debt. To facilitate this, we offer a revenue share program that allows you to earn money every time you contribute to the discussions at Destroy Debt. The rates are:

* $0.02 per forum post - (Excludes "General Discussion" section)
* $0.02 per blog or article comment

We also want to make sure we are rewarding you for the quality of content, not just the quantity. To help with this we also offer:

* $5 per 1000 impressions on any blog post you create.

Since we also want to grow our community, we have extended our affiliate program to also pay you for every contribution your friend makes for the first year (your friend gets paid too).

But Don't get excited Something is still there to share...

Revenue Share Program Ending - 4/10/2009

Jeremy(Moderator of destrot debt)-"I'm sorry to let everyone know that as of midnight (central time) on 4/10/2009, the revenue share program on DestroyDebt will be ending. I've been very reluctant to come to this decision because it affects the members that have been trying to help out, just as much as the ones who have been trying to take advantage of the system. However, it is the only way I can see to restore order to the board.

The revenue share was intended to just be a little extra "thank you" to those who help out here often, not as a get rich quick program that it has turned into for many people. As long as the main incentive for posting for some members is to get their post count/earnings up rather than helping people, this back and fourth battle of trying to keep it under control will never end. The excessive posting is hurting members who honestly need help with their debt because those questions get buried before anyone has a chance to respond, or they receive 8 pages of "I don't know" type responses that are of no help. This has to stop.

The last payments will be going out on 4/10 instead of at the end of the month. Since this is the last round of payments and is being cut off on the 10th instead of the 30th of the month, the minimum threshold is being lowered from $10 to $3. Please ensure your paypal info has been entered within the control panel under the Revenue Share -> Compensation page. There are several hundred payments to be sent, so please be patient, it will take several hours to get them all sent out.

I hope those of you who are truly interested in paying off your debt and helping others to do so will stick around and enjoy the forum and it will be a much better place for all."




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