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Feb 22, 2009

Flixya - The social networking site which share 100% of google adsense revenue

Making money with adsense has never been so easy.So a quick help for those who are looking to apply for Google adsense and want to earn money.

I think everybody has heard about GOOGLE ADSENSE.But everybody knows that you need a good site or blog to apply for google adsense and wait for its approval.If it is approved then its well and good or else you have to try again resolving all the problems they mentioned for denying your adsense application.

For a newbee its very hard to understand how to work and make money with Google adsense.If you get GOOGLE ADSENSE approved then also you cant earn.All you need is good traffic to your site/blog and good clicks on ads.Thats really tough to get.

Here i am giving a link of site which is actually a social networking site.They pay you not money but the revenue which is generated by you from google adsense and that to 100% of the your own google adsense revenue.Nobody will ask me to show the payment prove beacause you will get paid by google.You can see your earning in your google adsense account by the impressions and clicks you get.So getting a adsense is not that tough anymore and neither you have to wait for 6 months for your applying for adsense for your blog/site.

So just register and apply for google adsense as directed by the site and wait for it to get approved.Generally your adsense will get approved in 2 days.And those who have google adsense they just can ad their adsense id and start earning money.


Yuwie - where it pays to Socialize

Well its a another social networking site which pays.But this time not in cent.It share its revenue generated by the advertisement and you get paid for the impression your profile,comments,pictures,blogs,videos are getting.The main thing is that they have referral system and got a very different hierarchy from referral earning.Here is a snapshot of a very simple statistics of how much you will earn from your referral.The site is so popular and got so many users .So you don't have to worry about your views.Just join upload pics,videos and write blog.make new friends and you will automatically get views.Your earning will be calculate twice a month and the breakdown is till 15th.If you think its a useless to join then you are wrong.The no of user is so huge that you can get good referral for your other earning program.Anybody is free to join.

So lets come to the point:-minimum payout is 5 min and through paypal.

well i am having more than 100 friends right now.So i will tell all of my 100 + friends to add my referral as their friend..So my referral dont worry about impression.Just join me..i will be with you.

Mypage5 The Most Trusted Legitimate social Networking site

I dont know how many of you have earned money from social networking sites but i made it and its a very nice n happy happy journey for me at any social networking site which pays a good amount for every activity.Earning money through internet was just like a dream foe me as initially i was cheated by several scam sites.But finally i made it with huge success and hit the road rolling on good cash.Earning money through social networking site is very easy.

Here is what mypage gives you:-
New member sign up with picture: $5.00

If a new member signs up and uploads his/her profile picture at registration, they’ll get this bonus. A picture is a nice touch to a profile so we like members to take time to upload one.

New member sign up without picture: $0.00

Should’ve uploaded the picture

Member Login: 1c

As soon as a member signs into his/her profile page, the reward is this, once daily.

Create blog: 10c

Members will get this bonus every time they contribute a blog to the site. Blogs must be genuine and not be copies of or contain links to other blogs. You can upload up to ten blogs at a time but, only four will be rewarded or credited to your account.

Blog Comments: 2c

Members are allowed ten blog comments daily on blogs posted by other members.

Upload videos: 15c

Members will get this bonus for every video that they upload to MyPage5. Videos will not be offensive in nature and multiple posts of the same video is not allowed. Poor quality and copyright videos will be deleted. Please inspect your work before you post. Mypage5 accepts only five videos upload daily.

Video comment : 2c

Comment on the video you've just watched, not really a bad reward for commenting on a video. Maximum of five video comments daily.

Post classified: 10c

Something for sale? Put it on our classified site and even if it doesn’t sell, you’ll get your reward. Are you a woman looking for a man or a man looking for a woman, our free classified page is your answer. Ten classifieds daily.

Create group: 2c

Create a group to get this bonus. Groups are intended to bring together like minded individuals, work colleagues, school friends or just supporters of the same football team!

Join group/Comment: 2c

If you join any group, comment or contribute to the group topics the above is your reward. five group comments daily!

Invite a friend: $1.00

For every friend that you invite to join MyPage5, you’ll get $1.00. Your friend must register and remain an active member for you to get the reward, other wise the money will be deducted on the pay day. Inviting ghost referral/friend is cheating, this will lead to immediate suspension on account.

Profile comment: 2c

You can comment on members profiles but, no duplicates. Please note: you are allowed to post maximum of ten user profile comments daily. posting of multiple profile comments on one page at the same day is spamming. The punishment ranges from loss of earnings to voiding of account.

Upload photo to album: 2c

Members will get 2c for any of their photos,friends or relations they upload to their profile photo albums. Please Note: duplicate photos, stock photos,Internet photos or any copyright are not allowed.Such pratice will lead to account suspension and revenue loss.Maximum number of photos a member is allowed to upload is 400, any thing above this number will not be paid for.

Photo comment : 2c

Comment on photos you've just looked at, tell us what you think, your reward is the above. Mypage5 allow maximum of five photo comments daily.

Band comment : 2c

Your favourite band? comment on your band and get 2cents reward. five band comments daily.

Profile views: 1c

Members will get 1c every time another member view your profile so please do mypage5 a favour, set up a fantastic and eye-catching profile.

How will I be paid?

MyPage5’s preferred payment method is Paypal, which is an online payment service. Payment is instantaneous and protected against fraud. If a member is not registered with Paypal, a cheque will be sent via the postal service.

Please note: Paypal charge a small percentage fee for using their service. MyPage5 will also deduct a small postage fee for posting a cheque. It is thus important that you decide which option suits you best.

All members have a tab on the left hand side of their profile page called ‘Payment Settings’. Preferred method of payment can be set here. MyPage5 has a minimum payment amount of $50.

How do I ensure that I don’t get any money?

If a member is found to be using software or any other fraudulent means of increasing their rewards, MyPage5 will suspend their account and render their rewards null and void. MyPage5 will not hesitate to take legal action and report such individuals to the relevant authorities.

Minimum payout is 50$ by paypal

My proof:-


Feb 20, 2009

Noexpiry-The best paying paid to post forum

Noexpiry is the best paying post to pay forum.

For every thread you created with a minimum of 80 characters, you will earn NE $0.06
For Every post reply you post with a minimum of 80 characters, you will earn NE $0.04

maximum thread perday = 10

Minimum payout=12$ by paypal


Feb 18, 2009

New Way Of earning For Free Bloogers

Now Maximum people have blogs.People show ads in their blogs and earn but again the earning depends on luck and on the visitors who will click ads.But their is a very Innovative way to make money by publishing ads and making the maximum out of it.Money making through internet has never been so easy.With your google ads you can also try other advertisement.

So all you need is a good running blog with relevant ads to display and quality content.Secondly you need my personal help to make it through and start of.

My recomended advertising(Bidvertiser) except google.

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After Signing up.Put ads in your blog and then mail me.
I will tell you in details about my offer.

GOOGLE AdSense Tips For Maximum Earnings and how to avoid smart pricing

Almost everyone has probably heard of AdSense by now, if not then I am pretty sure you have seen AdSense and may have not even known what it was. To explain AdSense, I must first tell you a little about ' AdWords ', Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising system that is available through Google the search engine. You create a small text ad, which is placed on Google's search result pages, the ads match your websites subject or content. You bid or set a fee that you are willing to pay Google every time someone clicks on your ad, this is a great way to get highly targeted traffic that can turn into sales, subscribers, or whatever you are trying to achieve with your website traffic.

Now that I have explained Adwords, I can now tell you about AdSense. AdSense makes it possible for website owners to earn money by simply letting Google place ads on their web pages. AdSense ads can be either text or images, the ads can be altered to blend into the webpages, so they don't make your site look junky or poorly designed. AdSense ads are highly relevant to the content of most webpages, for instance if you place AdSense ads on a webpage that sells Coins, you will get ads about selling coins or other coin related subjects. Every time a website visitor clicks on one of the AdSense ads on your webpage, you earn money, and every month after your first balance reaches one hundred dollars, Google will send you a check or you can have the money deposited into your checking account. The AdSense program is a great way to earn extra money if you have a website, it's easy to make a few dollars every day, and some folks are making thousands of dollars per month doing it.

When I first started Adsense, I placed the ads on my webpages and it wasn't very long until I had made a small amount of money, a few days later my account balance had grown even more. I was pretty happy, but I thought to myself, after reading a lot of articles, I am not making nearly as much money as others are making with AdSense, something must be wrong. Then I thought, maybe my website doesn't get the traffic that the others are getting ? I chatted with a lot of people on the internet that were in the program, and I discovered that the amount of visitors I get, was higher than some of the traffic they receive. You may think that 200 - 400 unique visitors a day is low for website traffic, you are very wrong, the average website gets a lot less per day, especially if your website is only a few months old or is not optimized for the search engines, or it's subject matter has a very low search demand.

If my website was getting a nice amount of traffic or visitors, why was my AdSense earnings so low ? The first thing that I discovered that was wrong was ' adsense ad placement ', that's right, you have to study each webpage's layout that you plan on placing the ads on. Wherever your webpage has sections or areas that grab and hold the visitors attention, this is a prime area to place a section of AdSense ads, in other words, place the ads on your webpages where folks will notice them. We are currently allowed to place up to 3 different AdSense ad sections or groups on each webpage. I found after some testing that the best places for my ads are, just under the title or sub-title, near the middle of the page, and near the end or bottom of my page. If you place one section of AdSense ads near the top of your webpage, folks entering your site will probably notice the ads, and if they scroll down a ways and theres more ads, that increases the odds that they will notice them also. Probably the best place to place one section of ads is at the bottom of your webpages, right after your last bit of text or interesting reading, but make sure you place the ads before any other links, because when visitors are ready to leave your site, they may leave by clicking on one of your ads, earning you money, and if you have other links showing before your ads, they may leave your site by clicking on one of them. So after I studied the layout of all my webpages, I went back through and repositioned the AdSense ads, almost immediately I noticed my earnings increased.

I left my webpages alone, and about three months later I received my first check in the mail, it wasn't a lot of money but still for really doing no physical work I was very glad to get it. My earnings slowly started getting better and better after that first check, the next month I received another check, then the following month I got another and so on. After having been in the AdSense program for about 8 months, and chatting with more folks who were also in the program I found that my earnings were still low compared to some other people.

I then discovered another method that increased my earnings even more. I noticed that my ads stood out from the rest of my webpages text and content. I had always thought, I should make my ads a different color than my webpages background so folks would notice my ads, and click on them, I was totally wrong. Almost everyone that has been on the internet for any length of time, has become so accustomed to seeing banners and other flashy ads that almost everyone now has what is called 'ad blindness', that is, when they visit a site they are automatically turned off or they ignore anything that looks like an ad. I used the Adsense editor and I changed my ads background and border colors so they matched the background color of my webpages, and I changed the text color of the ads so they matched the text color of my webpages content. The ads blended in very well, to me they were barely noticeable from the rest of my webpage, but right away the number of clicks on the ads increased, and the earnings went up even more.

I left my webpages alone and for another couple months my earnings stayed about the same, I was content with the results, but my earnings were still not as good as some of the other folks who received roughly the same amount of traffic that I did. Then I found out that they had done something else to their AdSense ads, something that made the ads seem to really get peoples attention, they were placing images near the ads, it seemed adding images made the ads look unique and it helped make the amount of clicks on them rise. So I searched the internet and I found some little icons and images that matched the content of my webpages, and near where the Adsense ads were shown, I displayed the images by adding a simple html image tag. I asked google if adding the images was within the AdSense rules, and I was advised that they were fine as long as they didn't make folks click on the ads, by this I mean, you cannot have a flashing sign that says, ' click these ads ', or you shouldn't have a scantily dressed girl pointing to the ads saying ' make me happy - click here ' or stuff like that, just make some nice little images that pertain to your webpages content.

The next couple months or so, my earnings still continued rising slowly. By this time, besides my regular webpages I had been working on several BLOG's pertaining to different subjects, so I thought I might as well place AdSense ads on all of my blogs also and make even more money. For a couple weeks my earnings went up quite a bit, and I was very happy, then all of a sudden, just like someone turning off a switch, my AdSense earnings plummeted. I was now making in a day, what I had made when I first joined the program, what the heck happened I thought to myself ? My traffic was still slowly rising, the number of clicks was rising, but for some strange reason, the earnings per click, (EPC) had dropped a lot, it was horrible.

Then I learned that Google had introduced a new feature or system into the AdSense program, called 'smart pricing', 'smart pricing' automatically adjusts the cost of an ad click. Using Googles system of analyzing AdSense data, if it shows that a click from one of your webpages is less likely to turn into an online sale, or other business result for the Ad publisher, the amount you earn per click in AdSense is greatly reduced. When 'smart pricing', was introduced, some AdSense users saw their EPC drop to as low as 3 cents a click, where before 'smart pricing', that same click might of earned them a dollar or much more, this was quite a drastic drop in earnings. What is horrible about 'smart pricing', besides the earnings loss to AdSense users, is that one site or webpage can trigger it, and once triggered by that one webpage, it effects your entire account and every webpage you have will now earn substantially less per click. Remember awhile back when I had added AdSense Ads to my BLOG's, that seemed to be what had triggered smart pricing for me. The BLOG's were on numerous subjects, but they were not business or real professional sites, so hardly any business results such as sales, occurred from folks clicking the ads on these sites. After I removed the Adsense ads from the BLOG's, it took about a week, then I noticed that the EPC was once again climbing back up, yes the "smart pricing", spell had been broken.

If you are thinking about trying AdSense, or if you are already in it, beware of the smart pricing curse, or if it has already effected your earnings, try removing AdSense ads from your webpages a few pages at a time, the smart-pricing system is evaluated each week, so it will take a few days to see if you have removed ads from the page(s) that triggered it.

Article Written-By Robert W. Benjamin

Feb 17, 2009


I am Just showing you a simple statistics of my daily earning by completing simple task.it take around 1 min to complete the task and i get paid 60-75 cents.

well there is fixed no of task.someday i get 1 or 2.someday i get 7-8.min amount for a task is 60 cent and max is 75 cent.Every month i get paid.

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