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Feb 22, 2009

Flixya - The social networking site which share 100% of google adsense revenue

Making money with adsense has never been so easy.So a quick help for those who are looking to apply for Google adsense and want to earn money.

I think everybody has heard about GOOGLE ADSENSE.But everybody knows that you need a good site or blog to apply for google adsense and wait for its approval.If it is approved then its well and good or else you have to try again resolving all the problems they mentioned for denying your adsense application.

For a newbee its very hard to understand how to work and make money with Google adsense.If you get GOOGLE ADSENSE approved then also you cant earn.All you need is good traffic to your site/blog and good clicks on ads.Thats really tough to get.

Here i am giving a link of site which is actually a social networking site.They pay you not money but the revenue which is generated by you from google adsense and that to 100% of the your own google adsense revenue.Nobody will ask me to show the payment prove beacause you will get paid by google.You can see your earning in your google adsense account by the impressions and clicks you get.So getting a adsense is not that tough anymore and neither you have to wait for 6 months for your applying for adsense for your blog/site.

So just register and apply for google adsense as directed by the site and wait for it to get approved.Generally your adsense will get approved in 2 days.And those who have google adsense they just can ad their adsense id and start earning money.


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