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Feb 22, 2009

Yuwie - where it pays to Socialize

Well its a another social networking site which pays.But this time not in cent.It share its revenue generated by the advertisement and you get paid for the impression your profile,comments,pictures,blogs,videos are getting.The main thing is that they have referral system and got a very different hierarchy from referral earning.Here is a snapshot of a very simple statistics of how much you will earn from your referral.The site is so popular and got so many users .So you don't have to worry about your views.Just join upload pics,videos and write blog.make new friends and you will automatically get views.Your earning will be calculate twice a month and the breakdown is till 15th.If you think its a useless to join then you are wrong.The no of user is so huge that you can get good referral for your other earning program.Anybody is free to join.

So lets come to the point:-minimum payout is 5 min and through paypal.

well i am having more than 100 friends right now.So i will tell all of my 100 + friends to add my referral as their friend..So my referral dont worry about impression.Just join me..i will be with you.

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