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May 7, 2009

InterADmedia-Get Paid to search

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InterADmedia offers a free partnership program, we share our advertising revenue with our searching users! Whether you search for youtube, facebook or any other website, we will pay you for every minute you are online searching! What do you need to do to start getting paid?

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Make Money With Twitter

Twitter is microblogging service and very helpful indeed for marketing.Twitter is having millions of users.It doesnt pay any user.But how to make money with Twitter.If you have a will then u can make money on everything.

First thing u need to do is, Create a Twitter Account.Then, Simply follow others.Keep those person who follows you and remove who doesn't.
Very simple and easy thing to do.

Still wondering how to make money with Twitter.Well, u can make money by placing ads in your account.Two ways to Do so twittad and twtad.

Twittad- Join it with good no of followers and apply for ads into your twitter profile.Place Ads and cashout when u will reach minimum payout.

Twtad- This is a very interesting way of earning money.Just place ads in your comment and get paid when anybody clicks that ad.pay rate is good and varies on the ads.So if you are eager to earn money with any delay then just join it.

You follow me and i follow you.

Follow me on twitter.

May 1, 2009

Boost your income with freelance work

Well, everybody hear about freelance and freelance work.But for a noob or newbie its a completely new term.

FREELANCE:-Working for yourself or you can say work independently and on temporary contracts rather than for a long-term employer.

KIND OF JOBS:- Its include everything technical,non-technical,black hat,white hat.Let me describe it.Article writing(content writing),data entry,article spinning,product description writing,account creation,article submission,ads posting,completing others project,captcha entry,banner and logo designing,website designing,website modification and lots more.

PAYMNET:- It varies from different site to site. But generally every site prefer to transact by ESCROW to the site account and then your desired paymnet processor.

FEES/INVESTMENT:- There is no initial invest required.But you have to pay certain amount of money for everysite when u will win a project and will start working.This is the service fee who you have to pay to the respective site.

Freelance working site:-Thare are a many..I will list all according to my preference serial wise.
1>getafreelancer(GAF)-It is the most famous freelance job offering site.Very good and user friendly interface.My first choice.

Freelance Jobs

2>Scriptlance-It is also good site.


3> GURU- Its is also a nice site.


4> ELANCE- Its a bit complicated but good site to get article writing jobs


5> Eufreelancer:- Not a good site but not bad to stick to it..


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