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Mar 30, 2009

Earn Money With Shared images

There are very few Paid image hosting site which actually pays money.Well one the famous one is Shareapic.net.But from my personal experience i would suggest you not to use it.They are one of the biggest scam.I had made 20$ in shareapic for working about 7 months and when i requested my payment,they deleted my account and forfeited the money giving a lame excuse of generating fake impression.

Well i am not the only person who has been dumped by shareapic.If you don't believe me then just login to their forum and see the issue of payment queries and the number of people facing the same problem.The number is huge.

So fiannly i would suggest you to go for the most legitimate one.They are very good in business.Shared images is the best paying site.Supports zipped upload of images.

Earn 1 USD when signup and 1 USD per 1000 visitors when sharing your image(s).
Minimum payment is only 5 USD via paypal.

Maximum delay of payment:-with 7-8 hours.They will pay you with 7-8 hours of requesting your payment.

I have been paid thrice out of which 2 is from this month only.
So its not that much hard to earn money.

I do have a custom Shared image uploader which you wont get in net.So if you need it then request it in the comments


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